Corporate Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

By submitting this application, the applicant herein agrees to abide by all accepted standards of fairness and good business practices, to obey all federal, state and local laws and further agrees that if at any time the JaxREIA Board of Directors determines it is not in the best interest of JaxREIA or its members to continue the Corporate Sponsor/JaxREIA relationship, that upon written notice and return of any unearned fees this relationship shall be terminated. 

The applicant further agrees to hold JaxREIA, its officers and members harmless from any action or inaction whatsoever associated with this agreement and/or participation in any JaxREIA sponsored event.  Applicant also understands that the terms of the Corporate Sponsor Program may change from time to time and agrees to abide by all JaxREIA rules as set forth in by-laws, common practice and as expressed on this application and instructions.  

NOTE:  If your product or service requires a professional license, send a copy of license(s) to