An Open Letter to All Jacksonville and Northeast Florida Real Estate Investors:
September 8, 2021
Mike Grandjean

An Open Letter to All Jacksonville and Northeast Florida Real Estate Investors:

Hard to believe 2022 is right around the corner!  2021 has brought great successes in real estate but has also welcomed its fair share of challenges.  Inventory remains tight, material costs while moderating are still high, labor is in high demand and competition from Institutional Funds is in full swing… all while Coronavirus continues to dominate our lives with mutations and life-altering challenges. 

Jax REIA is not immune to the new world order and as we have said several times before, we are changing with the times as well.  Our Core Mission remains the same: “to provide educational and networking opportunities.  We aim to educate real estate investors on the principles of “best” practices and creativity in real estate investing and to implement these principles profitably and with professional skill.”  Taking this a step further, we have also committed to creating more comprehensive and local hands on instruction in our Academies and Master Series Classes.  Working with local operators our aim is to provide new and seasoned investors alike the opportunity to be mentored with well-known, successful real estate entrepreneurs.  If you haven’t been to any of the classes in a while or attended one of our main monthly meetings – you are missing out on not only the education but the connectivity of networking with like-minded individuals and real estate investors.  My challenge to the “Old Guard” is COME BACK!  Come see for yourselves!  This Board is confident that you will not only put us in the “can’t miss” category but you will bring along friends and co-workers as well!  If you are new to real estate investing Jax REIA is your gateway to success whatever that means related to real estate.  You won’t find more practical education and connection to a group of mentors that will help guide you along your path. 

We continue to look for ways to provide relevant content and opportunities within our organization.  Remember a Rising Tide lifts all boats – or in other words, it’s a call for “All Hands on Deck!”  Make it your mission to show up and be present and participate first.  Make it your mission to share our story and classes with other like-minded individuals in your sphere of influence.  Make it your mission to get involved and volunteer in the many ways we can utilize your gifts and talents.  Make it your mission to live your best possible life and to spread that wealth to others who want to learn how to do the same using real estate as their vehicle!

Thanks for staying tuned in and turned on and in the words of Jason Aldean- “I’ll see you when I see you!”  Hope that’s the next class or meeting!

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