A Letter to Members
June 13, 2021
Mike Grandjean

It feels like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year in a muted fashion with the heavy impact lingering from Coronavirus.  Hard to believe I am saying “June 2021” already!  Plenty of action going in real estate across the country and in our own back yard.  I hope you are “riding the wave” and enjoying success as you navigate these changing tides!

Jax REIA has been busy as well- and we continue to make strides to change our direction, improve our real estate investing community and provide relevant education and networking opportunities.  I have to remember when talking to seasoned or lapsed members what their previous experiences were like here at the REIA- and in some cases it is a challenge to make them believe we have turned over a new leaf in how we operate and what our goals are for being a force in the Jacksonville Real Estate Investing Community.  At the end of the day, we can talk about it all we want, but until you experience it first- hand, it won’t be real.  So my first challenge is to show up and see for yourself what we are doing!

If you have attended any of our recent events, you will notice there haven’t been any products pushed for Saturday trainings or additional boot-camps from National Training Gurus.  We have brought in educational speakers to broaden our knowledge on opportunities from Workforce Housing (Padsplit), Investing in Multi-Family Properties & Syndication (Hansen Holdings) and Alternative Investments (Groundfoor).  We have also highlighted our Corporate Sponsors who provide great services to our members and other investors with Vendorpalooza events- and we have some great panels scheduled for June’s main meeting.  

In place of the “Pushy Sales” presentations we have opened up Academy Classes with local operators and have hosted 2 awesome academies: Robyn Thompson hosted a class on operating AIRBNBs, Samir Rathore provided a 4 week class on investing in Tax Deed properties and Gonzalo and Dom from Cash Geeks hosted a weekend bootcamp on Acquiring and Wholesaling Property.  June is Cameron Gaskill’s Academy on How to Flip a House– which is another “can’t miss” opportunity to learn from an expert in our local area.  YES- these classes cost additional fees above and beyond the membership- but the pricing is more than reasonable and we know the guidance and mentoring you are receiving is coming from sources you can trust and even better work with here locally!  

Transition takes time and effort- but we believe in what we are doing and the direction we are going- we hope you will not only continue to support these efforts with your continued membership, but help us grow by spreading the word and most importantly, SHOW UP and see what we are doing- you may like what you see!

Mike Grandjean
Jax REIA President  

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