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Reach hundreds of local professionals and grow your business!

Corporate Sponsor Membership is open to organizations or businesses that provide goods and services to real estate investors.







Advertise and network with an entire community of real estate professionals & businesses.

Corporate Sponsorships are available to organizations or businesses that provide products and services to real estate investors.

With over 500+ members, Main Monthly Meetings, Online Webinars, and Private and Public Facebook Groups, Corporate Sponsors can easily advertise their businesses or services to others in the real estate industry via:

  • NCustom Sponsor Video SHowcased at MONTHLY MEETINGS
Corporate Sponsorship

Each Corporate Sponsor is allotted 2 representatives.

Corporate Sponsorship FAQ’s

Sponsorship Requirements

Corporate Sponsorships are open to organizations or businesses that provide goods and services to real estate investors.

Each Corporate Sponsor is allowed to have two representatives.  All Corporate Sponsor applications will be considered by our Board of Directors to be sure they are the right fit for our membership per our By-Laws.  Approval of the Board of Directors is required before an applicant can participate in activities as a Corporate Sponsor. 

Main Monthly Meetings
Our Main Monthly Meetings are held from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. Prior to the meeting, from 5:45 pm to about 6:30, members network and visit with Corporate Sponsors.

During the first part of the Main Monthly Meeting a video will be shown that includes ads for Corporate Sponsors.

Master Series Classes

Our Master Series Classes include advanced topics related to real estate or investing. We encourage Corporate Sponsors to teach Master Series Classes.  While the content must be purely educational, the presenter may introduce themselves and their business.

Business cards and/or flyers may be provided to the students. This is an opportunity for the instructor to represent him/herself as THE expert to our members.

Open Mic Meetings

Corporate Sponsors have another opportunity to interact with potential customers at our Open Mic meetings by participating in networking, “shameless commercials,” and product and service recommendations.

Trade Show (Additional Fee)
Our Trade Show allows Corporate Sponsors and other vendors to display their advertisements to hundreds of prospective customers. Corporate Sponsors who purchase a vendor table in our Trade Show are given a discount.
JaxREIA Website

Corporate Sponsors will be listed in our Corporate Sponsor Directory on our website at www.jaxreia.com and their logos will be featured throughout the site.

It is the responsibility of each Corporate Sponsor to provide us with information about their products and services as well as a link to their Company’s website and .PNG logo file.

Newsletter Articles

We encourage Corporate Sponsors to submit educational articles related to your business  The articles may be included in JaxREIA’s newsletter at no additional charge.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Each Corporate Sponsor is allotted 2 representatives.

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